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After the recently released Musicbook POWER, the Musicbook SOURCE from LINDEMANN is now also available in its second generation. Both models have been carefully upgraded and deliver even more musical information and at the same time an enormous feel for timing and interaction. Sound quality at the limits of feasibility!

Important to know: despite significant bottlenecks on the electronics market, LINDEMANN keeps building the Musicbooks in series. The production is secured for the next years! This works not least because of 100% made in Germany.


In its current version the Musicbook POWER II has turned into some kind of hybrid amplifier: for the most part the voltage amplification is provided by an analog J-FET gain stage of ultra high quality; the speaker matching is provided by the proven N-core circuit technology which is used as a power buffer. The result is awesome: liveliness and a wealth of detail, combined with total control over the loudspeaker.


The Musicbook SOURCE II has been systematically refined – with a focus on the analog preamp. The headphone output now sounds even better and can also drive 16-ohm headphones. Still more effort was put into the ongoing development of the firmware where initial bugfixes and corrections have ultimately become a completely new stack. Among the most important novelties we see the implementation of Spotify Connect and TIDAL Connect. Moreover, there are small and big new features, e.g. the elimination of the lipsync problem when connecting a TV set, network standby, fixed line output with bypassing the analog volume control, dB-linear 80-step volume control, sample rate display for the digital inputs, selection of Spotify via the remote without using the app and much more. With 1-bit re-sampling, the excellent sounding AKM converter modules and the upgraded preamp the new Musicbook SOURCE II again raises the bar soundwise for the best streaming DACs. By the way: despite worldwide supply bottlenecks, we will continue to rely on the probably best sounding converter modules from AKM and the already legendary 1-bit re-sampling process for the SOURCE II!