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Dear Lindemann customer!

Register your newly purchased device here and take advantage of the following exclusive benefits:


Extension of the warranty period by up to three more years (depending on model/series). For we at LINDEMANN trust in the quality of our products.


Exclusive discounts or special offers with fee-based upgrades and new releases. So that your confidence will also pay off in the future.


Automatic notification for software, firmware or hardware updates. That way your device will always remain technically up-to-date.


Our products are manufactured exclusively in Europe by ISO-certified firms. Every single device is then put to a thorough, also metrological in-house function check. So with a clear conscience we grant this extended warranty period.

The extended Lindemann warranty demands to fill out the adjacent warranty registration and is only valid for new goods in their original packaging and the first owner of the respective device.

The warranty period starts on the date of purchase according to the original sales slip (please keep it!) and is between 36 and 60 months, depending on the model (see below). Within this period any defects covered by the warranty will be repaired at zero cost. In the event of a warranty case the device must be shipped to us free of charge in its original packaging together with a copy of the sales slip.

Please note: the guarantee does not cover damages arising from improper use of the device. Also excluded from warranty coverage are such devices which were opened or on which repair attempts or modifications were performed by third parties. Liability for consequential damages arising thereof is excluded. Moreover, any liability beyond the product value is excluded. Any deviating guarantee commitments by dealers shall not be binding for us.

Please never send in your device unsolicited for servicing! Always consult your dealer first or send an e-mail with a detailed error description to If necessary, we or your dealer will inform you then about further steps to be taken.

Our warranty periods:

MUSICBOOK SERIES: two years for all models of the series; after successful warranty registration this period will be extended to a total of five years (moving parts excepted).

LIMETREE SERIES: two years for all models of the series; after successful warranty registration this period will be extended to a total of three years.


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Details on your purchased device


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