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There’s nothing which could not be made a little better. Even our highly esteemed and very successful Musicbook series!

The first modification is instantly visible: a housing milled from solid aluminium. That way the design becomes even more conclusive and the value is appreciated. But the dimensions have remained the same.

But also inside quite a few changes have taken place. Beside a revised converter architecture and the built-in phone preamp, the new Musicbook SOURCE offers another extra: the newly developed Lindemann streaming platform 4.0 for playing back studio master resolutions, Roon support and five different streaming services. Of course, with a stable, easy-to-use app for iOS and Android. Just to name a few of the numerous highlights!

Matching partners: the new Musicbook POWER 500/1000 power amplifiers. Owing to our circuit design with a reduction to the essential and N-Core technology, our power amps deliver a sound quality without compare. Even on extremely power-hungry loudspeakers.

What more can we say? With the Musicbook series you get state-of-the-art technology and ultimate performance on minimum space. Everything else you should listen for yourself.

The new Musicbooks - now available!


What’s new?

As a signal source, the new Musicbook Source has an even more complete equipment than the previous models. It offers connections for analog and digital devices as well as top-level streaming.

The new streaming platform is already known from our Limetree series and has been extended by some more features. For example, the unit is now fully operable via the Lindemann app including comprehensive, customer-specific setting options. Thus a remote control is no longer imperatively required.
Another highlight are resolutions of up to /24bit and DSD 256. This is all possible also with WLAN because the device features up-to-date diversity antenna technology. The supply of streaming services covers any audiophile wishes: TIDAL, Qobuz, Deezer, Highresaudio, and soon also Spotify Connect. Of course, the Musicbook is Roon Ready. Owing to an automatic “Connect“ button, the device will also link to the router within seconds.

Another feature is the possibility to play back CDs on a DVD-ROM drive (such as the Apple Superdrive), connected via USB. By the way, in a phenomenal sound quality thanks to re-sampling in DSD.

Apropos! Here’s more news from the converter department. The circuitry is now based on one of the world’s finest sounding converter modules, the AK4493. It offers extremely low distortions, an exemplary musicality and extraordinary resolutions of up to 768kHz and DSD512! In the Musicbook this high-flyer is run in mono mode to further enhance resolution and dynamics. The converter is assisted by a power supply of superlatives. Less than 1 µV of noise and interference speak a clear language.

Our re-sampling concept, which will soon be 20 years old and was realized for the first time in the legendary CD1, is now carried to extremes in the new Musicbook. Re-sampling with the best sample rate converter on the world market (180 dBs dynamics, 32-bit resolution) into a DSD signal of ultimate precision opens up totally new worlds of sound for digital music reproduction. For the reference clock we rely on the currently most innovative timing technology: an MEMS Femto-Clock which shows no ageing and is not vibration-sensitive, either.

The already excellent analog output stage was further improved as well. More powerful drivers now also enable the use of headphones with a magnetostatic drive and a low sensitivity. The level adjustment is done quite easily in the app settings. Even as a headphone preamp the new Musicbook is now simply world class.

Another novelty is the optional phono stage for MM cartridges. It has been taken directly from the Limetree Phono and plays just marvelous. Even phono stages which cost several times as much can in most cases not compete.


What has been dropped?

Compared to the previous model, a conspicuous detail is the missing USB audio input. We decided to take this step in order to be able to uncompromisingly optimize the Musicbook for streaming. For the music playback via computer the awkward USB cable can meanwhile be omitted without any losses. Well-known playback programs such as Audirvana or J.River Media Center are dom inating the data transfer via DLNA/UPnP. That way the data can be transmitted wireless between notebook and Musicbook via the network. This sounds better and avoids the issue of a data transfer over mostly expensive USB cables. Jitter bugs should therefore be a thing of the past!


What will the future bring?

Certainly even more fun with online streaming. HighRes playback with the Musicbook already sets new standards in the field of digital audio. With Qobuz Sublime+ or HighResAudio there is a portfolio of music in studio master resolution available which leaves nothing to be desired. High-Res streaming therefore sounds better than even the most costly CD players on the market. We say: forget the CD, streaming in High-Res is the future! Nor will you need to rip CDs any longer, for (almost) all this is available in superior quality from streaming services. Here Roon is leading the way: when playing a CD, the system will unnoticedly search at Qobuz for the High-Res version of this track and offer it. This is how music listening goes today.

In order to help the customer to keep up in this fast developing market, we have opted for a streaming platform which is powerful enough for all new features. We call it Streaming 4.0. We have been working on this platform for two years and defined ambitious goals for us. A wealth of features and at the same time an absolutely audiophile sound experience make the Musicbook a pioneer in terms of audiophile streaming. Very important: by web updates the customers can keep their Musicbooks continuously up to date.

Perfect package



Musicbook SOURCE

  • Housing milled from a solid aluminum block
  • All functions adjustable and controllable via the new Lindemann app. Even easier and clearer.
  • New, considerably more powerful streaming platform: Streaming 4.0, all audiophile streaming services, streaming in studio master quality, Roon Ready.
  • Completely revised Re-sampling in DSD or PCM: zero jitter technology with an MEMS FemtoClock.
  • Even better D/A converter: 2 AK4493s in mono mode. Unbeatable in sound quality.
  • Further enhanced analog preamp: now with optional top-grade MM input, high-current headphone amplifier with even better sound.
  • Download: Manual

Musicbook POWER 500/1000

  • Housing milled from a solid aluminum block
  • Stereo operation or (vertical) bi-amping with separate bass level control: the troubleshooter for speaker placement problems.
  • N-Core technology: world class both metrologically and soundwise, highly musical reproduction reminiscent of tubes.
  • Two power classes: 2 x 250 W @ 4 ohms (Power 500) or 2 X 500 W @ 4 ohms (Power 1000).
  • Absolutely safe operation and load stable down to 2.5 ohms impedance.
  • Download: Manual