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Musicbook COMBO @ HIGH END 2022

With the Musicbook COMBO we will present a real highlight at the High End 2022: the first all-in-one music player in the history of LINDEMANN.

Equipped with the proven streaming platform of the Musicbook SOURCE and the power amp technology of the Musicbook POWER, the Musicbook COMBO offers a multitude of features and captivates with a sound quality that goes far beyond its price range.

The features in detail: - Network streaming with studio master resolution.

- D/A conversion with zero-jitter DSD re-sampling.

- Analog preamp and volume control.

- High-grade headphone output.

- Connections for turntable (MM) and external CD drive.

- Speaker output with 2 x 125 W @ 4 ohms.

Combined with a high-class loudspeaker, the result is a music system which not only offers the highest of resolution, but also a completely new audiophile sound experience with any kind of music.

This new model of the Musicbook series can be heard for the first time at the HIGH END 2022 (Hall 4, Room U09/U11) and will be directly introduced after the show.