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Do you have a technical question or setup or handling problems? If possible, you’d like to have your LINDEMANN device repaired? Contact our customer service!

Service procedure

For decades all LINDEMANN products have been manufactured by ISO-certified companies pursuant to highest quality standards. Should your device nonetheless become defective for once, you can have it repaired with us within the warranty period (and also beyond, of course).

LINDEMANN offers – whenever possible and reasonable – a full repair service for all products ever made. This does not only include a maintenance check-up of your device, but also a complete inspection and general overhaul including a test run for several days.


We ask you to strictly abide by the following instructions:

Please never send in devices for service unless requested to do so! Without prior dialog with your dealer or our service department we will not carry out any repairs.

Once you are requested to send in your device, please make sure to enclose our service form below and a copy of your proof of purchase for repairs within the warranty/guarantee period. Without a corresponding proof of warranty a repair can only be carried out at the owner’s expense. This also applies to devices which have already been opened or damaged by unauthorized repair attempts.

Service form

In case of a return (e.g. for a warranty/service repair) please use this return delivery note.

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In order to answer your inquiry as best as we can, please fill out this form completely. We’ll promptly get in touch.


Your personal data


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