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You love music? You appreciate perfect sound quality? You prefer relaxed listening with natural timbres over party levels? Here’s a nice little power amplifier which makes music listening big fun, but remains totally cool and is easy on your purse.

The musicbook: 50 is a fully balanced stereo power amp in class-D technology which is based on a multi-patented circuit design, the UCD amplifier. Owing to an entirely discrete circuit design and careful finetuning this technology can develop its sound potential to the full extent. Detailed, natural and dynamic sound!

If you’re primarily interested in delightful music listening, we’ve got an insiders’ tip for you!


Technical specifications


Mains voltage: 100–240 V, 50–60 Hz
Dimensions: 280 x 220 x 65 mm (W x D x H)
Weight: 3.10 kg
Power consumption: 0.45 W standby, 2.5 W mute, 200 W max.

Protection circuits

DC at output: power supply cuts out.
Overtemperature: amplifier goes into mute until the temperature has dropped by approx. 10 °C.
Output current limiter: amplifier goes into mute for ca. 0.25 seconds. Switching threshold 6 A peak. In case of continuous overdrive the amplifier will go on and off several times in a row.

Automatic turn-on

Input signal switching threshold: approx. 0.5 mV.
Stand-by mute mode: power supply active, amplifier muted. Power consumption 2.50 W.
Stand-by sleep mode: only stand-by power supply active. Power consumption 0.45 W.
Active mode: power supply and amplifier both active. Power consumption depending on volume level 10-20 W average, 200 W max. peak power.
Turn-on times: approx. 2 seconds from stand-by mute mode to active mode; approx. 8 seconds from stand-by sleep mode to active mode.
Turn-off times: after 20 minutes the amplifier will return to stand-by mute mode, after another 20 minutes to stand-by sleep mode.

Power Amplifiers

XLR inputs: analog line level inputs with 10 kOhms input impedance.
RCA inputs: analog line level inputs with 5 kOhms input impedance.
Speaker outputs: safety banana lab sockets (4mm) for connecting loudspeakers with 4–8 ohms.
Output power: 100 W into 7 ohms per channel (<1 min).
Maximum output current: 6 A peak.
Gain: 25.8 dB (20-fold).
Frequency response: 0 Hz – 36 kHz (-3 dB).
THD & noise: <0,05% typ.

Uncomprising quality.


HIVI Magazine (Japan) / December 2014

"Winter 2014 Best-Buy."

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Hi-Fi Choice (Poland) / November 2014

"An absolute killer in his price range."

musicbook:25 & 50

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Audio (Germany) / March 2014

"To my mind the new design is among the most beautiful and autonomous from Germany."

musicbook:25 & 50

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Fidelity (Germany) / December 2013

"These are the first small devices with a 'lifestyle' look that I would have no hesitation in growing old with."

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The operation manual for the musicbook:50


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