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musicbook:20 DSD

The musicbook:20 DSD is identically constructed to the musicbook:10 DSD, but has also an integrated streamer which can be comfortably operated via the musicbook: app and offers a lot of great features such as the onboard TIDAL and Qobuz streaming catalogs or native DSD playback. As a side note, it is also a USB digital-to-analog converter with a superb sound quality, which enables the music reproduction from the computer in studio mastering quality. Resolutions of up to 384 kHz PCM and DSD 256 are easily handled.

But the musicbook:20 DSD can do a lot more. The integrated analog preamp, which also doubles as an excellent headphone amp, allows the connection of a phono preamp and thus offers a consummate audiophile quality also with vinyl records.

In terms of technology the musicbook:20 DSD is definitely way ahead of the competition. Using a sophisticated recalculation all digital audio signals are converted into DSD 128/256, a data format which is highly esteemed by audiophiles worldwide. Thus the actual digital-analog conversion is reduced to a mere filtering of the DSD signal. This completely new approach is the secret behind the musicbook’s exceptionally good sound.



USB-Audio Class 2


Headphone output


DSD resampling

Analog outputs

Analog inputs

Digital inputs


Internet radio


USB host



Technical specifications


Mains voltage: 100 – 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz
Dimensions: 280 x 220 x 65 mm (W x D x H)
Weight: 3.20 kg
Power consumption: 0.5 W standby, 4 W network standby, 30 W max.

Network player

Ethernet: 10/100 Mbit/s
WLAN: 802.11b, g, n. 2.4 GHz band. WEP, WPA, WPA2 security support. External screw-in antenna
DHCP and static IP support
USB 2.0 host interface: fullspeed and highspeed mode. Charging of smartphones and tablets up to 2.1 A. Support of mass storage devices with FAT16/32 file system, e.g. USB sticks, USB harddisks, smartphones and tablets (Android only)
Internet Radio: Tune-In (airable)
Gapless playback with WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, MP3 and DSD
Meta data support
Supported formats: MP3 max. 320 kbit/s VBR/CBR | WAV and AIFF max. 192 kHz / 24 bit | FLAC max. 192 kHz / 24 bit | ALAC max. 96 kHz / 24 bit | AAC | Ogg Vorbis | WMA (only Standard, no Pro and Lossless) | DSD 64

USB interface

Resolution PCM: 44.1 kHz – 384 kHz, 24 bit
Resolution DSD: DSD 64 – DSD 128 (DoP-mode), DSD 64 – DSD 256 (Native DSD-mode)
USB 2.0 Device Interface: USB-Audio Class 2 compatible (High-Speed mode), asynchronous mode operation
Master-Clock: Ultra-Low Jitter, Dual Frequency DPLL-clock

Bluetooth interface

Supported formats: SBC, AAC, aptX
Metadata support
Bluetooth profile: AVRCP, A2DP

Digital/Analog converter

Inputs: two optical (up to 96 kHz) and two coaxial digital inputs (75 ohms, up to 192 kHz) for SPDIF signals (LPCM)
THD & Noise: <0,001% (@ 0dBFS)
Dynamic range: >130dB
D/A converter resolution: 352,8/384 kHz, 32 bit or DSD 256
Converter architecture: two AK 4490 DACs in dual-differential mono-mode, AK 4137 re-sampler
Master-Clock: ultra-low jitter dual-frequency DPLL-Clock
Jitter-reduction of re-sampling process >40 dB
Output voltage: 4 V @ 0dBFS unbalanced, 8 V @ balanced (Volume 99)

Analog pre-amplifier

Inputs: analog line level inputs (RCA) with 20 kOhms input impedance. Maximum input voltage: 8 V unbalanced (RCA)
Outputs: one balanced (XLR) and one unbalanced (RCA) line level outputs. Outputs are independent. Maximum output level: 8 V (unbalanced),16 V (balanced)
Headphone connection: 1/4" (6,35 mm) jack socket for headphones with 32 to 600 ohms impedance
Volume level control range: 0 to 99 with the following characteristic: 0 to 20 in 2 dB steps / 21 to 60 in 1 dB steps / 61 to 99 in 0,5dB steps
Balance control range: +/- 6 dB in 1 dB steps
Gain: 0 dB
Fixed Line Output (FLO) equals volume set to maximum (99), output voltage 4 V @ 0dBFS unbalanced, 8 V @ 0dBFS balanced
Frequency response: 0 - 200kHz (-3 dB)
THD & Noise: < 0,001% @ 4,00V Output



The Absolute Sound (USA) / November 2018

"Though it may not be much larger than a summer bestseller, the Musicbook:25 DSD speaks volumes."

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sempre audio (Austria) / June 2017

"Der Klang [...]: Perfekt, was bedarf es da weiterer Worte?"

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Stereoplay (Germany) / February 2017

"Perfektes Timing und lupenreiner Klang machen es zum Meister seiner Klasse."

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STEREO (Germany) / January 2017

"Ein High End-System, dem [...] so schnell keiner was vormacht!"

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fairaudio (Germany) / January 2017

"You have to hear it for yourself!"

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The Ear (UK) / December 2016

"Somehow the Lindemann managed to reveal another dimension, a new layer of inner detail that I did not recall."

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HiFi Stars (Germany) / December 2016

"Das was andere gut machen, macht das musicbook:25 DSD mit Ruhe und Gelassenheit noch ein wenig besser."

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HiFi Plus (UK) / November 2016

"The musicbook:25 DSD [..] will dispel any notions that bigger equals better when it comes to the search for audio ecstasy."

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