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With the smart musicbook series you’ll get everything from a single source: classic CD playback, USB audio and streaming via smartphone or tablet, analog preamps and matching power amps. To suit your requirements. And everything at its finest, of course.

For the musicbooks are developed in Germany and manufactured throughout Europe. They are, so to speak, the essence of 25 years of experience in the development of hi-fi components at Lindemann. Many of these devices like the AMP4, the CD1, the first German-made SACD player D680 or the components of the 800 series today enjoy cult status with audiophile listeners.

In the musicbooks we’re using the most advanced technologies and parts, which allow big high-end to be packed into a smart enclosure.

The Center of Your Music System.


Compact, smart, design-oriented, this is how the musicbook may appear at first glance. But behind the front there is genuine high-end in the best quality of workmanship. The musicbook is able to replace big hi-fi systems and still promises a better quality of sound. There is no contradiction here today: owing to cutting-edge parts and production methods, excellent technology can be realized within the smallest space. This is a real example of progress through technology.



Not only our partners and customers, but also the national and international trade press consistently show enthusiasm for the musicbook series. Here’s a selection of the awards and test results achieved so far.


Extremely versatile.


musicbook:10 DSD

USB Audio Music Player

musicbook:15 DSD

USB Audio Music Player with CD-Drive

musicbook:20 DSD

Network Music Player

musicbook:25 DSD

Network Music Player with CD-Drive


Balanced Class D Power Amplifier


Class D Power Amplifier