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GROOVE is the fully active bass extension for MOVE speakers. Together, MOVE and GROOVE form a modular, active monitoring system that covers an impressive frequency range from 25 Hz to 40 kHz (-10 dB). The integrated active crossover separates the speaker systems at 100 Hz and extends the bass range by two octaves downwards. The GROOVE system utilizes a passive radiator bass system with active high-pass filtering, resulting in particularly low distortion and controlled bass.

Let's move!



MOVE and GROOVE together form a complete, active speaker system that is much more than the sum of its parts. Here, the concept of synergy truly shines!

The result is a perfectly balanced sound with genuine deep bass and crystal-clear high-frequency reproduction. The precise timing of the playback ensures a completely fatigue-free listening experience. Listening to music becomes a natural pleasure - an immediate, addictive experience!


The advanced design of GROOVE and MOVE utilizes powerful magnets to automatically align the two components, ensuring perfect positioning every time.

This smart connection not only simplifies setup but also enhances performance by precisely positioning the speakers for optimal sound quality. Enjoy the deep, rich bass of the GROOVE, seamlessly integrated with the open, high-resolution sound of the MOVE monitor speaker.


Let's groove!


Amplifier power: 60 Wp for Move, 400 Wp for the bass.

Passive radiator system with active high-pass (QB6 alignment).

Frequency response: 30 Hz -3 dB, 25 Hz -10 dB.

Purely analog circuitry: no A/D and D/A converters and no DSP! Completely free from digital artifacts!

Bass level adjustable in 1 dB steps: +4 dB, -4 dB.