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Good news for all owners of older Musicbooks – LINDEMANN will make you fit for the future now!

And how? With immediate effect and by means of a full hardware upgrade, the source devices of the 1st and 2nd generation can be updated to the latest Musicbook SOURCE version!

As we all know, there’s no good thing which couldn’t even be made a little better.


What’s included in the Upgrade?

All Musicbooks (10, 15, 20, 25 with or without DSD) manufactured so far can be upgraded to the new standard of the Musicbook SOURCE. The look remains the same, and after the update the device functions, the visual illustration on the display and also the operation will correspond to those of the Musicbook SOURCE.

From the former unit the housing, the display and the remote control are also further used. The entire electronics is swapped and will comply 100 % to the state of the new Musicbook SOURCE then. Devices with a CD drive (Musicbook 15, 25) will get a new CD-ROM drive, devices without a CD drive (Musicbook 10, 20) won’t. Models that have not supported streaming so far (Musicbook 10, 15) will receive this function now.


The new features in detail:


New and much more powerful streaming platform ”Streaming 4.0“: all audiophile streaming services (TIDAL, Qobuz, Deezer, HIGHRESAUDIO), all HighRes resolutions up to 24bit/384 kHz and DSD256, Roon Ready. Very easy connection to the router via WPS. Wireless streaming works perfectly due to dual antenna and AC standard. No LAN cable required.


All new Lindemann app for Android and iOS with tablet support in landscape mode. Easy to handle, very stable operation. All functions of the Musicbook are now controllable with the app.


Newly developed digital/analog converter: new master clock with ultra low jitter values over the full audio range, next generation converter modules (2 x AK4493), run in mono mode. Our biggest step towards perfect digital rendering so far.


Completely revised analog preamp with a top-level phono MM input that has been taken directly from the award-winning Limetree Phono.


Improved headphone output with a higher output current which can drive impedances down to 16 ohms.


New CD-ROM drive with faster access time and reduced noise emission.


New warranty of 2 years.


Important Notes

The new Musicbook SOURCE doesn’t have a USB Audio input. If you have been using a USB cable before, you must now rely on the music server function of the playback programs like Audirvana, J.River and others and can stream the data wireless within the home network then. A USB cable is no longer necessary.



  • The upgrade is carried out by authorized Lindemann specialist retailers and distribution services. They will arrange an appointment for the upgrade at our factory.
  • Send in only the main device. All other accessories will remain at the customer‘s home. Include your address data, even in the case of handling through the specialist dealer.
  • Use only the original shipping box. Make sure to have the parcel covered by a sufficient insurance. Please understand that we will accept upgrade devices only by way of shipping. Non-prepaid devices will not be accepted.
  • After completion of the update the device will be automatically returned to the sender, unless otherwise agreed.
  • Prices:
    Update without CD-ROM drive (Models: Musicbook 10/10 DSD/20/20 DSD): € 1.490,-
    Update with CD-ROM drive (Models: Musicbook 15/15 DSD/25/25 DSD): € 1.690,-