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Coming up: The Limetree USB-DAC!

Christmas is just around the corner – and so is the latest creation from LINDEMANN.

The Limetree USB-DAC has everything on board what music lovers all around the world expect from the multi-awarded Limetree family: maximum performance within the smallest possible space!

How does this go? Just like the highly acclaimed Limetree NETWORK, the USB-DAC is equipped with the excellent ES9038 hyperstream converter which allows to realize ultra high resolutions of up to DSD 512 and PCM 768 kHz – and this with an outstandingly open and natural sound.

More top features:

  • Ultra low jitter due to super precise FemtoClock
  • Analog volume control with the included remote control
  • Headphone amplifier of the absolute top class

The Limetree USB-DAC - now available!