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LINDEMANN remains true to itself – and relies on a consistent evolution. As we all know, for our “mastermind“ Norbert Lindemann nothing is so good that it can’t be further improved upon. So following the PHONO II, our two Limetree network players NETWORK and BRIDGE also got updated.

Above all, the second generation of the Limetree BRIDGE and NETWORK network players is now equipped with new and better hardware. The Limetree BRIDGE II has been optimized, the NETWORK II has been revised in every respect, i.e. regarding features, ease of use, and sound (a list of the new features can be found below). Deliveries of the two revised models will start from early May 2021.

Please note: even the “old“ versions will remain outstanding devices in their price range! Future improvements to the software, i.e. the app and firmware (like e.g. new streaming services) will of course be applied equally to both generations. Upgrades are impractible.

Limetree NETWORK II: What’s new?

D/A converter and analog output stage (new development):

  • Converter module ES9038 Sabre DAC. Ultra high resolution, integrated DPLL and SRC for jitter elimination. Briefly, one of the best D/A converter chips on the market.
  • MEMS femto-clock < 500 fs clock jitter. Extremely stable clock with ultra low phase noise for best sound results.
  • High-quality analog level control. Thus extremely low noise level. HF intermodulation of the converter module is attenuated together with the volume. Full resolution even at low levels.
  • Excellent sounding headphone amplifier with high output current. Ultra low distortions, high damping factor, drives headphones from 16 to 300 ohms.
  • IR remote control for volume, mute and track selection.
  • CD player operation – with external CD-ROM drive.

Integrated preamp with extended functions:

  • Separate volume control for headphone and line output. Perfect for simultaneous operation with headphones and loudspeakers. Each output will remember its last volume setting.
  • Balance control with a +/- 6 dB setting range (in 1 dB steps).
  • Headphone volume with ideal gain range: 0 dB / + 12 dB. Useful e.g. with low-sensitivity magnetosts.

Additional app settings:

  • 7 different oversampling filters selectable.
  • Balance +/- 6 dB
  • Headphone output low/high
  • LED brightness low/high

Limetree BRIDGE II: What’s new?

Altered functions:

  • The sample-rate limit of the output is adjustable in three steps: 48 kHz / 96 kHz / 192 kHz.
  • Two re-sampling modes: Native and Up-sampling. With Native the input sample-rate is not changed or (depending on the selected maximum sample-rate) divided by 2 or 4. With Up-sampling the input sample-rate is upscaled to the highest possible value, i.e. multiplied by 1, 2 or 4.
  • The support of DSD data has been ceased. If a conversion of DSD files into PCM is wanted, it should be done already using the playback software, e.g. Roon, Audirvana, J.River and others.