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Limetree PHONO II

Get the max with LINDEMANN! We have once again revised our highly successful and popular phono preamps.

In the version II the MC input is now unbalanced. Here we’re using the probably best amplification chip on the market. At only 0.6 W of current drain a noise level of -73 dBV is achieved with MC. An absolute top value! Moreover, setting the input impedance is now conveniently done on the rear of the Limetree. This makes our phono stage more universal and now also allows to connect older turntables with grounding via the RCA cable. Therefore a conversion of these models is no longer necessary. In particular the devices from Rega and Project can now be run in “plug and play“ mode.

Soundwise everything remains the same: not without reason the Limetree PHONO has already won numerous prizes and awards. A true “giant killer“.

The Limetree PHONO II is now available and will replace the previous version with immediate effect. The price remains unchanged.