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In April 2020, Clive Meakins reviewed the musicbook SOURCE and POWER and well... he loved it! So much to give it one of this year’s coveted Blue Note awards. There’s a link to his full review below, but for those who focus on the highlights:

“We can debate over some details [...] but it's clear the SOURCE offers good value for money versus a system-building approach. In my view the SOURCE will significantly out-perform many traditionally assembled components. Then we have the web of cables and plethora of boxes scattered across your HiFi rack, frankly looking a mess and causing strife at home. The argument is made. The SOURCE is the conclusive winner. Whilst you're at it buy the excellent physically and sonically matching POWER 500 or 1000. Just do it!

The sound from these Musicbooks are clean, open, transparent, and highly musical. Add to this the value they offer – it's a slam dunk!"

Read the full review here.