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There’s nothing which could not be made a little better. Even our highly esteemed and very successful Musicbook series!

The first modification is instantly visible: a housing milled from solid aluminium. That way the design becomes even more conclusive and the value is appreciated. But the dimensions have remained the same.

But also inside quite a few changes have taken place. Beside a revised converter architecture and the built-in phone preamp, the new Musicbook SOURCE offers another extra: the newly developed Lindemann streaming platform 4.0 for playing back studio master resolutions, Roon support and five different streaming services. Of course, with a stable, easy-to-use app for iOS and Android. Just to name a few of the numerous highlights!

Matching partners: the new Musicbook POWER 500/1000 power amplifiers. Owing to our circuit design with a reduction to the essential and N-Core technology, our power amps deliver a sound quality without compare. Even on extremely power-hungry loudspeakers.

What more can we say? With the Musicbook series you get state-of-the-art technology and ultimate performance on minimum space. Everything else you should listen for yourself.

The new Musicbooks - now available!