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Limetree verbesserter Streamer

LINDEMANN has recently released a comprehensive update for their in-house app. In addition to several minor improvements and bugfixes, the current version of the application also carries the long-awaited tile design for UPnP. Plus there is an all-new feature which expands the already large scope of functions of the Limetree Streamer by a real “goodie“:

Apart from external harddisks, the 1.7.0 firmware version now enables the Limetree BRIDGE and Limetree NETWORK users to also connect external CD drives via USB and thus turn their Lindemann streamer into a top-level CD player without high effort or costs!

And this, of course, in plug-and-play mode; the Limetree will automatically recognize the drive and integrate it directly via the app. Including control and CD text support.

Would you like an example? A visually and technically suitable drive is the “Superdrive“ from Apple for less than 100 euros. Naturally all other external CD drives will be recognized and controlled by the app. The agony of choice for every Limetree owner with a large CD collection!

The new app update at a glance:

  • Stability enhancement and preparation for the new functions.
  • Support and automatic integration of external CD drives via USB (with CD text support).
  • Volume control for the Bridge (optionally switchable).
  • Tile design for UPnP for all Limetree streamers.
  • The Limetree BRIDGE (just like the NETWORK) is now also certified as Roon Ready.