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The Limetree series is finally in the starting gates: with the PHONO and HEADPHONE being the first two models which are available as of now. Both deliver top-notch performance à la LINDEMANN in a small space. Other models will follow in the course of fall, among them a full-featured network player, a streaming bridge and a USB-DAC.

Limetree PHONO:

• All-purpose phono preamplifier with separate inputs for MM and MC.
• Easy installation. Fixed impedance for MM plus variable impedance for MC.
• Excellent measurement engineering. Very low noise and distortion values.
• Professional studio technology amplifier modules. Ultra-low noise power supply.
• Open, detailed and natural sound.


• High-grade headphone amp which can also be used as an exquisite preamp.
• 3 switchable inputs, 1 line output e. g. for active loudspeakers.
• Current driven class-A circuitry for excellent sound.
• High-class analog volume control provided by MUSES 72320.
• Extremely clean power supply with <10 μV noise.